Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New oscilloscopes

We’ve just introduced two new benchtop scopes from Owon – PDS8102T (100 MHz) and PDS8202T (200 MHz). These low-cost 2-channel scopes sample at 1 Gsa/s and 2 GSa/s respectively, and are packed with useful features normally only seen on higher-end DSOs including video trigger, auto-measurements, large 8" full color LCD display, XY Mode, auto-set, averaging, math functions, USB output, waveform storage, 3-year warranty, etc. Even FFT functionality is included for seeing spectrum information, as well as Autoscaling and Trigger Holdoff. The record length is a huge 2M data points, which allows great depth for investigating fast, intermittent pulses.

See here for more details: New Owon Scopes

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