Monday, May 24, 2010

Word of Mouth

Everyone knows that word-of-mouth is the best advertising - and for 3 reasons: it's free, it's effective, and friends are very influential in purchasing decisions. My staff recently bought tickets for my wife and me to the "Joseph" Sound&Light presentation at the Millenium Theatre, Lancaster, PA. We were amazed at the quality, the multi-media effects and live animals used in the show. There in the middle of Amish country, with horses and buggies frequenting the countryside, was a 2000 seat theatre with three shows daily and busses coming from miles away to see a play that is booked out for weeks/months ahead. And no advertising. How do they do it? Word of mouth. I don't know how they'd cope if they advertised!
While we were in PA we picked up a nice present - a large screw in a back tire. Since the tire stayed inflated as it "thump-thumped" we gingerly drove to the nearest Pep Boys (they've been advertising on TV a lot recently). After a bit of a wait, they fixed the tire with a plug - at NO CHARGE! How come? "We just enrolled you in our Rewards Club at no charge - it's one of the benefits, free fixing of flat tires" SO - here I am spreading their service with word of mouth - VERY effective!

I hope Saelig customers do the same with our products. We've heard about some from time to time. Daniel M wrote: "Several electronics bloggers mentioned independently how happy they were with your 'scopes. If all goes well with this order I will be buying lots more! Thanks." Another customer wrote to us saying he would definitely spread the word when he opened his order for a Rigol scope to find a free instrument case inside (we give away free cases with each Rigol scope we sell. This surprise produces referrals that we enjoy!

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