Friday, November 6, 2009

10 Reasons Why You Need a PC Oscilloscope

1. COMPACT & PORTABLE By integrating several instruments into one small unit, PC Oscilloscopes (PCOs) are lighter and more portable than traditional test equipment. When used with a laptop computer, you can carry a complete electronics lab in the same bag as your PC.
2. USE YOUR PC DISPLAY The display of a traditional oscilloscope is limited by the physical size of the oscilloscope, and may only be a single color. With a PC Oscilloscope your computer controls the display, so not only do you get a full color display, but the display can be the size of your monitor, projector or plasma display.
3. BIG SIGNAL STORAGE Signal storage is limited only by your PC’s storage capability PC Oscilloscopes store the signals that you are measuring directly on your PC. With the power of today’s modern PCs this gives you vast storage capabilities. Along with allowing you to record lengthy signals this also lets you save signals for reviewing at a later date.
4. SHARING IS GOOD Captured waveforms and instrument settings can easily be shared with others Need to show your customer or colleague the signal you have captured? Just save the waveform and email them a copy. They don’t have a copy of the oscilloscope software? No problem – just export it as text, an image or in a binary format for use with third-party software. If they want to set up their equipment to run the same test, simply send them the oscilloscope settings too.
5. FREE IS GOOD Unlike a traditional DSO, with a PC-based oscilloscope new features and improved functionality can be added at any time with a simple software update. Free software updates means that a PC Oscilloscope is one of the few things that can actually become more powerful and useful with age.
6. ANY PC WILL DO PC Oscilloscopes are external devices that are connected to your PC using the ubiquitous Universal Serial Bus (USB). Virtually every laptop or desktop PC sold comes with multiple USB ports so there’s no problem using your PC Oscilloscope with either a desktop or a laptop PC.
7. HIGH SPEED USB 2.0 can transfer data at speeds of up to 480 Mbit/s. Using USB 2.0 PicoScope PC Oscilloscopes give you incredible performance with fast screen updates and the ability to stream data.
8. ALL-IN-ONE Our PC Oscilloscopes come complete with the hardware and software in one package so there’s no compatibility problems or complex set up procedures.
9. DATA-SCHMATER Using PicoLog you can transform your PC Oscilloscope into a data logger that can log data over extended periods of time.
10. ALL-IN-ONE (AGAIN) When you buy one of our PC-based oscilloscopes you don’t just get an oscilloscope: you also get a spectrum analyzer, meter and data logger. Some models even include a built-in signal generator or arbitrary waveform generator. So with a Pico PC Oscilloscope you really do get a complete test and measurement lab in one cost-effective unit.

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