Wednesday, April 22, 2009

But wait - there's more!

Our suppliers often have additional products that we haven't had the opportunity to make available to our customer base, but one came across my path that I thought was worth importing. With the switch to digital TV upon us, I have searched long and hard for a reasonably-priced small TV for my kitchen, where there is no cable outlet. One that I could also take with me on trips. I found one of our Far East suppliers had exactly that; and no-one else here seems to have anything as good economically. AT-70T is a 7" portable LCD Digital TV (yes - digital!) that gives me (and now you) the ability to enjoy my favorite television programs anywhere, anytime - home or away - great for my kitchen where there's no cable access (or - sshhh - on my desk at work!) This handy little portable TV has a bright 7-inch LCD screen with a built-in ATSC/NTSC tuner with detachable antenna, giving crisp reception of publically-broadcast digital and analog channels – so it's fine either before and after the digital-to-analog switch in June 2009. It features a built-in twin speaker system - or I can plug my headphones into the audio jack and watch news or sports without disturbing those around me. The rechargeable Li-polymer battery offers up to 2.5-hours of life between charges -- enough time to watch an entire movie or several episodes of a favorite show without a recharge. It includes an AC power adapter, a car adapter and a remote control. Only $129.00 More at

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