Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Caffeine issue 380 lists his formula for business success. I’ve repeated it here with my take on it in Italics.

Healthy + mental peace + focus + action + “help” + love of what you do = achievement. Healthy + mental peace + focus + action + “help” + love of what you do + putting customer needs first+ honesty = achievement.

• It helps to have a brand and a reputation. Be known for quality. Saelig’s brand/space that we’re growing is “unique electronics” – being known for introducing cutting edge, useful OEM electronics products.

• It helps to have a visible platform. Send a weekly value message to all customers and prospects. I think that’s too often – we send out a monthly newsletter to highlight new products.

• It helps if you write something new and valuable to others every day to create new ideas, build your own understanding, and clarify your current thinking. See above- nevertheless, this does apply to my interactions with Saelig employees, and to myself.

• It helps to have an audience of loyal customers who love you. Customers who will do business with you again and again, and who will refer others to you. It’s great to have customers come up to us at shows like ESC (we’ll be on the WIZnet stand again in San Jose in March) and have customers say they’ve been buying from us for years, or they “lust after all the great stuff we sell”!

• It helps to have the support of others. People who help you to succeed and encourage you to win. Saelig is a team enterprise – we all contribute and are vital to our success.

• It helps to have a bit of money in reserve. Money to invest in new ideas and new technology. Nice to know we’re debt-free, and have been profitable every year of our 21-year existence...

• It helps to have extreme self-confidence. Your personal belief system and positive attitude drives your entire success process. Yes, we’re humble, and proud if it …...!!! But seriously, folks, our shared values are critical to our way of doing business.

• It helps to have a past history of success. Knowing you have won before, and understanding what made those wins happen, will create more winning opportunities and the knowledge to capitalize on them. Since many businesses fail in the early years, it’s encouraging to have a 21 year history to look back on. We’ve encountered some characters whose activities were not honorable, while having to maintain our good name and reputation in the ‘marketplace’.

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skylarkbw said...

Dear Alan and Saelig folks.

A happy and prosperous new year to you and yours.

I read with interest your blog regarding the passing of your mentor and recall the time when I was at the bedside of my Electronics instructor and dear friend on his passing. It always amazes me the number of people that these mentors touch and I hope that my journey through this life has had similar benificial effects on those that I have met and helped along the way.


Bruce Westberg