Thursday, January 8, 2009

Getting the Word Out

It's an enormous challenge to let folks know about the terrific, wide range of products we sell....

Saelig has found unique products like: oscilloscopes from Owon, Pico Technology, Rigol, Syscomp, Cleverscope, PoScope, Protek; wireless modules from LPRS, One-RF, Adeunis, Active Robots; antennas from EAD, Active Robots; ICs from FTDI, Atmel-Quantum, Holtek, Prolific, 3ALogics, WIZnet; Spectrum analyzers from Aaronia, Thurlby-Thandar; logic analyzers from Zeroplus and Cleverscope; USB bus analyzers from MQP, Ellisys; dataloggers from Gemini, Lascar, Pico Technology, ACR, MSR, T&D, Klaric; CANbus boards and gateways from Janz; I2C boards from CalibreUK, Devasys, Fiveco; Ethernet boards from Fiveco, WIZnet, Elexol; LCDs/displays from 4D Systems, demmel, Comfile; industrial PCs from Amplicon, Janz; RS232/422/485 converters from KK Systems, TOPSCCC; USB-serial adapters and cables from VSCom, Witree, Prolific, SystemBase; motor control products from Fiveco, Elexol, JRKerr, Active Robots; and 100s of others!

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