Thursday, November 27, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude

Today is the U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday. Besides too much food and the strange occupation of watching hours of football (why is it football if you pick the ball up?), this is a reminder and an opportunity to put our daily grind on hold to give thanks (to Whom?) for the blessings we experience. And to recognize people who make a difference in our lives. And at Saelig I acknowledge the One Who makes us truly “happy, prosperous, and blessed”.

So this reminds me to say in this space:

Thank You to all our faithful customers.

Thank You to for my employees, who have shared with me that working here is the best job with the best atmosphere they've ever had.

Thank You for the suppliers of the quality products we sell.

The E-Myth website suggests that:

when you deliver your product or service "on time, every time exactly as promised" you create a customer experience that can turn a one-time customer into a life-long advocate. In short, you've nurtured a customer's gratitude ...” - that's one way of thanking customers: deliver quality products on-time, with friendly and helpful personal support.

This month's Reader's Digest had an article about someone who said Hi to literally everyone he met for a whole month. It made an amazing, positive difference in his world.

Maybe a great New Year Resolution would be to live in an Attitude of Gratitude....

Thank You!

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