Friday, October 31, 2008

ESC Boston Show

Our supplier Quantum Research (now part of Atmel) was showing on a 42" LCD - in 3D graphics - how their new area array sensing technology can detect multiple fingers on a touch screen, and indicate touch intensity too. Samples are now available and production quantities will be available in Q1 2009. They also showed a cute Quantum-laden toy dinosaur with multiple hidden touch sensors, programmed to respond like a pet.

Microsoft was making a big deal of .NET and had three of our fast-selling GHI boards proudly on display (see

elektor magazine (well-known and highly-regarded in Europe) is trying to establish itself in USA and is using Audio Engineering staff in NH to accomplish that. They'll be sending us 500 magazines to distribute – let me know if you’d like one free – this is a one-of-a-kind magazine with articles from their European staff of top-notch engineers. (

Speaking of magazines, I spoke with Circuit Cellar staff - Tom Cantrell's EmbedRF article will appear in February edition due to others in pipeline.

It was good bumping into to quite a few of our customers as well as suppliers at ESC, but I wonder if the show days are over. ESC Boston was slated to get about 3000 attendees. Quantum staff told me that they were just at the Maker Fair in California, which brought in 50,000 visitors, with 5,000 people going through the Quantum booth.

I wonder how many share my opinion about shows being less relevant now.

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Phillip said...

hey alan, it's phil the senior editor @ MAKE - we'd love to have you / saelig at maker faire! (it was 65,000 folks this year). we are fans!