Thursday, February 23, 2012


As folks can see from our business philosophy, we at Saelig draw inspiration from the Bible. I'm sometimes caught by surprise at how relevant to wise business practices it is.

For instance, yesterday someone phoned me saying: "I've been sending you emails about real estate and I see you've opened several of them recently ..." I stopped him right there and said that was pretty spooky. I know internet technology is so advanced that you can tell this sort of thing, but it is deadly to reveal that's why you are calling a customer!

Then, later the same day, I read in Proverbs 1.17 "If a bird sees a trap being set, it knows to stay away." (New Living Translation).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good stuff!

1) We're pleased to have our Purchasing Manager back after an 8-day trip to Haiti with a volunteer church team building a school in rural Jessome. Saelig staff can receive up to one week of additional vacation to use on philanthropic projects - not bad since we start employees with 3 wks vacation!

2) We recently had a terrific email from an engineer: "I was reading your company philosophy and want to share with you my own feelings. Besides being an Electronic Engineer and Physicist, I am a Jewish Rabbi and I strongly believe in human values. ....
I think I just discovered a fountain of fantastic human beings, people of extraordinary good faith and over all people of kindness. I feel very glad doing business with you and look forward to more opportunities for improving our relationship."

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Need a Quote?

If you need a formal quote on a part we carry (or even don't carry!) please complete this form. If you are trying to find an electronics product maybe we can help you with our worldwide search capabilities!

Saelig Trivia

During the last 30 days, was found via organic search using 5,736 different keywords.

Broad product coverage!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I love it when we get these kinds of comments:

Frank K: “The Owon scope has been working great. Have had the chance to use it many times here diagnosing vehicles. Thanks again for the fast service and delivery time. I am very lucky to have found your company on line."

Tony D: “I just wanted to say thank you for your great service and products. I also really appreciate your prompt shipping. Over the past year I purchased 12 pieces of test equipment from you and am very happy with everything I purchased. I'm involved with a small research project and your prices have helped me to go forward.”