Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blog Advantages

One advantage for readers of this blog is advanced notice of upcoming events and happenings at Saelig. For instance, today we signed an agreement to become Industrial Interface (UK)'s USA distributors. Their products will get onto our website soon (our site is undergoing a major revision at the moment - keep watching!) and press releases will go out too, but for a heads-up of the neat high-quality, innovative DINrail-mounting signal conditioners, isolators and controllers, ZigBee wireless systems and sensors, Ethernet I/O modules with built-in web-browser, surge and lightning protectors, see Call us for details if you need something from their product line in a hurry ...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving Customer Feedback

It's great when we hear good things about the products we bring to America. Even better when the customers who like them go to great lengths to tell others about their finds. Today, one of our customers let us know that he'd made a special YouTube video of how to use the Owon PDS5022S oscilloscope we sell, with a nice recommendation for Saelig at the end. Take a look: